About Janette Thornley

Grounded in the relentless pursuit of chasing and making her dreams a reality, Janette is a breakout talent as 1 of the few females in the world licensed to pilot a Nitro burning motorcycle. Her personal best is 7.207 ET and best mph 185.15. In the 2018 season, she will continue to pilot her Pro Fuel Nitro Harley and compete to defend her 2017 AMRA category championship title.

2018 will be Janette’s 7th year drag racing...although her goal is to make history by becoming the FIRST WOMEN EVER to run and WIN on a Top Fuel Motorcycle in an NHRA Mello Yellow Series event, the reality is it will likely be 2019 until that occurs. “I am a realist and it’s very important to me that I do this right.” Says Janette. “And I know these are big dreams but I am not afraid to chase them, hence the team name Dream Chaser Racin’”.

Beyond being the FIRST WOMEN to compete in the Top Fuel Harley class at the NHRA Mello Yellow Series, Janette wants to inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams; she wants to create a unique platform to share her passion. Her engaging authentic personality creates instant interest with consumers and her goal is to partner with a Brand, to leverage her platform and open doors for outreach opportunities.

As Janette continues to chase her dream on the track, she is doing the same with her career. After her decision to separate from her corporate job of nearly 16 years, her first year as an entrepreneur has been exciting. It certainly hasn’t been without some challenges but after soul searching and with her “dream chaser” mentality, she’s finally gaining traction for what she believes is her calling!! “I am very excited and I believe in ME! With that said, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate supporting a marketing partner, so they could reap the benefits of such a unique marketing proposition” Thornley adds. So. . .seeking marketing partnerships.

Thornley has a three year streak of championship titles. Most recently, 2017, she captured both the American Motorcycle Racing Association and the American Drag Racing League Pro Fuel Championships. In 2016 & 2015 she brought home the NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series Pro Fuel Championships. “I am lucky to have such a supportive crew chief, my husband” said Thornley. “He’s very competitive and when it comes to race weekend its strictly business, as we should be”.

Watch as she continues to chase her dreams by connecting with us on facebook at Dream Chaser Racin’ – Janette Thornley. To join our email list or to inquire about a Marketing Partnership, email dreamchaserracin@yahoo.com

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