Redneck Express Race 3 2019 Report

Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
ManCup 43rd Annual FuelTech World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 12,22,23,24(25)2019

The crew for this race consisted of Crew chief Sharon Hand, Steve Legendre, Jim Fox, Dick Boxell, John, Chris and Barb Alwine with additional help from Mark Dodson. Chris has been super busy during the summer months with the high work load at his business, necessitates not being able to run the Darlington and Rockingham races. Chris had three complete powerplants ready for action, Galahad in the bike, and Patton and Merlin in reserve, plus a spare head. Steve L. arrives a couple of hours before I arrive at around midnight. Steve and I were both on the road when we get word of the 5.50 Pass by Larry, and the pits are buzzing about it when we get there.

Chris and Sharon with the mobile Redneck Express Compound arrive Friday around noon and park in the spot in the rapidly filling pit area , that has been scouted out, (Thanks Todd for the backup driving !) Saturday afternoon we set up the pit area and ready the bike which has Galahad in the frame rails with the newly repaired head, with Patton and Merlin in the box ready for action. We do not make the call for Fridays Q1 Saturday Q2, Right Lane We get the call to the lanes on time.

We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes. negotiating through the staging lanes due to the HUGE number of bikes attending this event. Start the bike, Chris rolls through the waterbox, Fox Wipes the front tire and Chris does a burnout as best as the superglued track allows.

Mark and Steve start to push the bike back and it almost stops Ron Raymond runs out to help push back, They get the Redneck Express back and Chris lines up Prestages , Sharon turns on the computer , Chris stages, the lights flash and its on a run but about 400 ft Chris has to click it and coast through to the turnoff. Steve goes and tows Chris back , we blow it out and do the leak down.

#1 good, #4 Good, #2 good, #3 Dammit. We set to removing Galahad and install Patton.

Saturday Q3, Left Lane We get the call to the lanes on time.

We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes. negotiating through the staging lanes again due to the HUGE number of bikes attending this event. Our Turn, As we are starting the bike the squirter decides to plug up and will not produce enough methanol to keep the bike running long enough to bring on the Nitro, even though we started the bike not an hour ago, after several attempts with the squirter someone hands me another and we get the bike started but Sam Wills is heading up to the line. During the repeated attempts to start the bike due to my screwup the starter locks up, we give it another try with another starter. Chris pushes the mag kill and we miss our chance for Q3.

Sunday, Race Day

With the demise of our starter from Saturdays failed start, Bill Wisnant offered his Big Carl Starter to us, as essentially they are the same starter, ( We thought) we first attempt to marry the gear sections together but upon closing the case with the operating gear sections, there is negative clearance, and it would lock up. During our re-assembly Bill came in the trailer at the exact time we had both starters down to the basic sub-assemblies, took one look and said “those are a lot of parts” with a shocked look. We get them back together, Bill returns his to his trailer, and we are still without starter for round one. Rethinking the operation again, we ask Bill if we could look at his starter again and with a wary look he hands it to me again, we decide to just swap drive motors, Success! We have a starter!

E1, left lane

After qualifying from Saturday is over we are paired with Larry MC Bride who is chasing his 20th Championship Larry Qualified #1 we are #8,.

We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes the day is clear finally but not so warm. Start the bike, Fox and I push Chris through the water box , Chris burnouts to where Chris and Mark are waiting on him. Larry follows suit with his burnout. We push Chris up to Prestage and Chris sets the buttons Sharon arms the Racepac, Chris Stages up,lights flash both bikes start to move, relatively even, then the bike looks straight but 800 ft starts to drop holes but still runs a 6.14, Larry Wins this round.

Congratulations to Larry McBride and crew for the win, and his 20th Championship.

We would like to extend our thanks to Jay Regan and the ManCup staff for a well ran show with the weather not cooperating 100% Also to the Dragway SGMP track crews for an excellent facility. Next Race 2020

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